PHP Guestbook Admin Specs

Document Version 1.1

Last modified July 13, 2005 by Bradley Hart (

This document contains the complete specifications for the project PHP Guestbook Admin.

The in-progress code for this project can be found at

Current Status - Alpha 1+ (0.1+)

PHP Guestbook Admin has presently moved beyond alpha milestone 1 (version 0.1). This was not packaged and released due to the rapid development now going on to complete required features.

Beta milestone 1 (verison 0.2) is planned for release August 1. Beta 1 will be feature-complete and fully operational.

As always, the latest version of the software can be obtained from CVS.

Section 1 - Purpose and Intent

PHP Guestbook Admin is a PHP-based program that allows anyone who posesses an administrator password to remotely manage a website guestbook or similar page. The administrator has full control over the content of the guestbook including the ability to approve or reject submissions before they are made publically available and the ability to edit all existing entries.

Section 2 - Functionality

As mentioned above, PHP Guestbook Admin allows the administrator to:

  1. Approve all entries submitted by users using a form before they are publically available
  2. Edit or delete all existing entries
  3. Change program settings, such as making user entries appear without the admin's approval and changing the admin password

Section  3 - Output

The output of the program is entirely admin-customizable. The "Settings" page allows the admin to write custom HTML for both the output of entries as well as the form to input new entries.

Section 4 - Technical Specifications

PHP Guestbook Admin will be written in PHP and relies on a text database (a "flat database"). All passwords stored on the server are saved as md5 checksums.

Section 5 - Development Cycle

Alpha 1 (version 0.1) - Not released due to rapid development

Beta 1 (version 0.2) - Around August 1

Version 0.3 - Unknown, will be set once bugs and needed features are identified


Version 1.0 - Unknown

Section 6 - Issues and Unanswered Questions

See the bug and feature trackers on our project homepage.

Section 7 - Contributing

PHPGuestbookAdmin currently has a full staff of developers and managers. However, if you'd like to contribute you can e-mail the project admins at

If special development or management needs arise that we cannot resolve we may advertise for help.